IIT Researchers working with US Scientists to improve cyclonic predictions in India

IIT Bhubaneswar researchers are working with a group of scientists of US-based for developing a system which can help to improve the prediction of extremely unwanted events. For this purpose, researchers in climate science at the institute study in the coastal areas.

What are they want to develop?

They want to develop the Land-Ocean-Atmospheric Modelling System for improving storm predictions. People residing in vulnerable coastal states can be free from huge damages caused by any natural disaster.
This is seen as a vital step for climate change and global warming.
According to US-based scientists, climate change altered the rainfall pattern in the subcontinent.

What says of IIT-B Professor UC Mohanty about cyclonic predictions?

We now receive a tremendous amount of rainfall within a short period, followed by long dry spells. Besides the rainfall and cyclones affects populations caused destruction
He also adds Storm rising on the southern coastline of the Odisha state from Ganjam district up to Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. The waves of 10-12 meters in the Balasore coast of the north. The cause of this is there the sea is very shallow whereas it is deep along the southern coastline

What are the most affected areas of the cyclonic storm and other natural calamities?

Coastal areas are the most crucial areas and most affected areas of any natural disaster. Their category or intensity may be higher at some time.


Updated: October 31, 2019 — 12:40 pm

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