MIT Scientists are using AI to develop X-ray Technology

The new system can turn the human movement towards X-ray technology a new side.
At present, the system can do accuracy of 83%. Regular Radio waves are used in X-ray technology.
Scientists from MIT have developed an AI-based X-ray technology. What is exciting for this technology it can track human movements by walls

How does it work with AI technology?  

The new project is called “RF-Pose.” It uses Artificial Intelligence technology for tracking people using a wireless device. This device works with creating stick figure of the movement of people in real-time
Researchers use thousands of images of people during different activities like sitting, walking, opening a door, etc. to train the AI model. These photos then shown to a camera, which creates a stick figure. Then it is analyzed by the corresponding radio signals.

Where can it be used for?

The technology has multiple applications in medical sciences suffering from Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This new system will provide us a better understanding of how the disease progress and also allow doctors to adjust medications.
This technology is also used by the military and special forces for conducting rescue missions and to locate lost survivors
The new technology is also used into multiplayer gaming platforms

What will be the future of Technology for X-ray?

At present, running technology has an accuracy of 83%. After using AI in this issue would give the complete accuracy with wireless reflections and radio waves.
Researchers are always working to improve the system. Still, the model gives a 2D stick representation. But the team is working to create 3D figures.

Updated: October 31, 2019 — 12:16 pm

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