MIT is better than IIT, Five reasons for this

The education system in India is far behind other countries. The top institutes like IITs and IIMs are behind foreign institutes like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, etc.
When we observe the undergraduate program and comparing with the US, there is a vast difference in teaching methodology, practical training, etc.
But India is also developing its education system. Nowadays, many foreign students are coming to India to study. Obviously, India will indeed take a long time to reach that position, where Foreign universities stand.
I am trying to give you some points accordingly:

What are the Five reasons for the comparison of MIT with IIT?

1) The peer group: Someone who studies in IIT and suppose visited MIT wrote the peer group that IIT is excellent. But MIT is whole at a new level.
2) Infrastructure: The infrastructure of MIT, like research equipment, is simply an art. MIT gets an enormous amount of funding from different organizations for research work. IIT also has an excellent infrastructure, but it will take time to be equivalent to the MIT level.
3) Teaching practices: The institutes such as the University of Maryland, MIT, etc. have an excellent teaching practice. IITs have classroom teaching more than research will take time
4) The hierarchy: At the level of foreign universities like MIT, students and professors are in a friendship relation. On the other hand, there is a clear picture of IITs in this issue. Here professors are always referred to as “Sir.” Students can not talk about anything and everything with them.
5) Faculty: MIT alumni won 34 Nobel prizes and 31 taught by MIT.

Updated: October 31, 2019 — 12:35 pm

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