India’s top space agency discovers an EPIC planet-600 light-years away

Scientists at the Physical Research Laboratory of ISRO observed EPIC 211945201b over a year. The planet is 27 times the mass of our Earth. It is located 600 light-years away from our world. The planet orbits its own parent sun and completes a revolution in 19 days 5 hours.

What is the fact of the new planet?

The planet is six times bigger than the Earth and 600 light-years away from our world. ISRO says it is one of the most ‘epic’ discoveries. Physical Research Laboratory of Ahmedabad has not only found a new planet in the universe but also calculated its mass. There is an ability of an Indian organization to explore regions far away.

What is so EPIC, anyway?

India’s first telescope designed by PARAS to make infrared observations space observatory. Exoplanets orbiting around a star lead to the brightness of the sun. Thus the 1.2 m telescope was introduced in Mount Abu, Rajasthan. The new planet is a little bigger than Neptune but slight smaller than Saturn. It takes 19 days 5 hours of the earth to complete one revolution around the parent star. This means it takes less than one month to complete one revolution. It would be technically called an Earth year.
Using that data, PRL scientists observed the planet over a year and other heavy elements of the mass of the earth. The celebration of the earth is 27 times that of the earth.
The Epic planet is one of 22 other exoplanet systems with same dimensions

Updated: October 31, 2019 — 12:18 pm

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