How to edit PDF file and JPEG text : Tools to edit PDF and JPEG

If you want to change any PDF file that you already created via PDF creator or any PDF printer, You need to go your the source file again to change anything you want to make changes. You need to change the before document and edit that source file again and now save it again as a PDF file. Here I discuss how you change your existing PDF file without changing any before layout and format.

Today I discuss how to edit any PDF file text or any text under JPEG or JPG format. We find many PDF editors and also on-line service website for edit PDF and to publish any content from PDF file but here I tell you the best and easiest way to edit PDF text and not only PDF text you can also select any scanned copy from jpeg and PDF to Microsoft Word or any text editor like notepad or word pad.

However, If you have not the original file in your hand, You can still change that PDF file in the browser by the word app. But. But problem is that you word app can not handle any complex format, and even can not edit any image pdf and any sheet and chart.however, if your PDF has not any complex layout or any image and there is only some simple text then word is the best option to changes any wrong word and any spelling mistake.



Updated: October 16, 2019 — 12:06 pm

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