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Another breakthrough by IIT Kharagpur researchers

After developing tools that can make the train travel safer, scientists at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur achieved another new breakthrough. They found a way of raising biofuel from aquatic weeds such as water hyacinths. According to a study published in Nature Scientific Reports, researchers showed this weed and mdash contain 50% hemicelluloses and […]

IIT Researchers working with US Scientists to improve cyclonic predictions in India

IIT Bhubaneswar researchers are working with a group of scientists of US-based for developing a system which can help to improve the prediction of extremely unwanted events. For this purpose, researchers in climate science at the institute study in the coastal areas. What are they want to develop? They want to develop the Land-Ocean-Atmospheric Modelling […]

MIT is better than IIT, Five reasons for this

The education system in India is far behind other countries. The top institutes like IITs and IIMs are behind foreign institutes like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, etc. When we observe the undergraduate program and comparing with the US, there is a vast difference in teaching methodology, practical training, etc. But India is also developing its education […]

IIT Kharagpur’s new innovation is the answer for frequent train and flight delay problems- India is facing today

IIT Kharagpur has invented a technology called.’ Real-Time Fog and Rain Removal from Videos’. It helps to clear a hazy scene caused by rain, fog, or smog. It leads to delay and cancellation of flights and trains. When scientists need to track the incident with cameras in-ground stations. Due to weather conditions, the video gets […]

Researchers might have found an answer to the Water Pollution crisis

Eighteen organic pollutants tested and identified in the laboratory. The materials can absorb most of the contaminants which are present in the water of an urban area. The time taken to complete the whole absorption process is 24 hours. What is the fact of Water Pollution crisis? Researchers from the University of Seville identified absorbent […]