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Top 05 AirLines In Indian

India is one of the well-developed countries, and it is the fastest-growing aviation markets in the world. It has caused high competition for the airline industry, but India is no more far behind. According to DGCA ( Directorate General of Civil Aviation ), Traffic data and No of Passengers carried by domestic airlines are increased […]

How to install WordPress in Google App Engine

Google Cloud WordPress:¬†You can install WordPress in the Google app engine via some simple method. When you install WordPress in Google App Engine, your page speed optimized and increase. You can check it through page speed optimization tools, and better page speed means better SEO rank. How to Install WordPress in Google App Engine? If […]

How to Send Bulk Message to Multiple Contacts Via WhatsApp

How to Send Bulk Message to Multiple Contacts Via WhatsApp: WhatsApp is Now a very Popular massage sending apps and the best communication media in our Android forest. It also supports Blackberry, Apple, and as well as many smartphone OS and provides a free message sending option. You may be surprised when you install those […]

Latest Google Chrome Features for Better Your Performance

What is the Google Chrome Browser: Google Chrome Browser is an open-source program, and it launched in 2008 with different updated features. Google Chrome Browser is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android operating systems. Google Chrome is the most useful Web browser. There are many features in Google Chrome. But some […]

How to Share Blogger Posts/Pages to Google Plus

What is Google Plus: Google plus is another social media website like Facebook. It has significant importance all over the world. A large number of people are engaged with these social networking sites. They share their posts, page, photo, videos, and any more by Google plus. So every new or old blogger should share their […]

Share Photo and video to Specific Facebook Friends

We can share photos and videos with specific Facebook friends. When we create a Facebook account, we make friends list and maintain different relationships in different ways. Our Facebook friends list are created by not only friends but also our family members, colleagues, college friends, junior member, and senior member also. So we do not […]