Astronauts can not do Nine things in space every day

Some everyday things are impossible for astronauts to stay in space.
Some everyday items like salt and bread have been banned from the International Space station. These products will damage all the types of equipment of space.
Essential eating, sleeping, and showering habits should be promoted in space

What are the nine things that astronauts can not do in the area?

There are nine things in daily life that astronauts can not do in space. I am trying to discuss one by one respectively
1) Astronauts can not cry in space as in Earth
Astronauts can laugh in space as per their wish. But the crying is different without gravity
The tears look like a liquid ball. So in actual sense, you see a watch ball is floating around
2) Astronauts can not consume everyday food items like bread and soda
According to the Franklin Institute, many foods are tough to carry or to transport in space. For example, Bread and Salt.
3) They can not write with regular pens
We usually write with a pen upside up. Because we know if we write with upside down, it does not work.
4) Astronauts can not sleep with the rising and setting sun
According to International Space Station, astronauts experience sixteen sunsets in a twenty-four-hour day. So your sleep schedule does not depend upon time.
5) Drinking Alcohol is totally prohibited in space
Drinking alcohol is not mandatory in space. It is not as useful as other things. It is not a political thing, not a cultural thing, not a scientific matter. So it is not necessary for this issue.
6) Sex is not allowed for Astronauts
Sex has been banned in space. It would be tough to do sex in space. It is impossible due to a lack of gravity, lack of privacy, and work pressure.
7) Astronauts can not enjoy a hot shower
Water is heavy and expensive to carry to space. Astronauts take sponge baths in place of a hot shower. There is no efficiency in washing clothes. So astronauts repeat their outer garments or uniform
8) They can not taste well in space
Astronauts lose their taste while staying in space. After returning in the Earth, they say foods taste much stronger
9) Pooping in space is very difficult


Updated: November 19, 2019 — 12:11 pm

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